Man seizes moment to perform incredible magic act in background of live news


Many people dream of being spotted performing their hidden talent and plucked from obscurity to become a global superstar.

Whether it’s singing karaoke in a bar or playing football in the park, there’s always the hope that you’ll be given a shot to make your millions and leave the 9-5 behind.

But one man who was born to be a magician wasn’t willing to wait around for fate to intervene and took matters into his own hands, deciding the time had come to display his skills in front of the nation on live TV.

The only problem was he wasn’t able to secure his own prime time spot and instead seized his moment to gatecrash a live news report to perform a series of mind-boggling tricks – leaving viewers in stitches.

As the news reporter presents the segment, the man begins his act behind him, seemingly making an endless stream of playing cards appear out of thin air before dropping each one to the floor, with the stage presence and facial expressions of a seasoned professional.

He then ensures his audience at home can see his hands are empty and proceeds to pull an entire deck of cards out of his mouth, before throwing them into the air, staring directly into the camera and walking out of shot safe in the knowledge he has delivered the performance of a lifetime.

The hilarious clip went viral after being shared on Reddit with the caption: ‘He has always been waiting for this live performance’.

Viewers hoped the magic man would achieve the level of recognition he deserves, speculating as to whether he constantly carries a deck of cards with him to seize his shot whenever it happens to arise.

One wrote: “His face in the first half was like ‘are you guys seeing this s? What are my hands even doing? Is this real?’ Fin’ killed me.”

A second commented: “It was brilliant. He is so fluid and I’m in awe of his talent.”

And another added: “Mr steal yo news report.”