McDonald’s fans are making Percy Pig McFlurries and they’re gamechangers


Everyone knows that Percy Pigs are up there among the most elite of sweet treats – after all they are Marks & Spencer’s finest, darling.

But, just when you thought the delicious little piglets couldn’t get any better, savvy McDonald’s fans have been creating Percy Pig McFlurries, and they’re absolute gamechangers.

Obviously, McDonald’s doesn’t actually sell Percy Pig flavour McFlurries, so shoppers have been heading to Maccie D’s to their hands on a plain McFlurry, before mixing it with the sweet treat.

Taking to TikTok, Melika Zaidi explained exactly what you need to do, using Percy Pig dessert sauce, classic Percy Pig sweets and Phizzy Pigtails.

Describing the McFlurry as a ‘must try,’ Melika explained that you have to start by grabbing a plain McFlurry, which is quite literally just a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then, you pour a load of the sauce in and start mixing it up, before chucking in a generous helping of the sweets.

To finish off the sickly dessert, you simply squirt a load more sauce on top to make it look pretty and you’ve got yourself a Percy Pig McFlurry.

Melika described the sweet treat as a straight up 10 out of 10, and unsurprisingly, people rushed to the comments section to say they can’t wait to put together their own Percy Pig McFlurry.

“Oh my god, we need to try this,” one user commented, while another tagged a mate and said: “Please can we try this?!”

Marks & Spencer, we can feel a McDonald’s collab coming on – you know you want to.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on TikTok, a food lover who goes by the name of Tom Loves Food, challenged himself to eat nothing but Percy Pig products for a whole 24 hours. Delicious.